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Extremely strong yet gentle!

-Extra durability, no fiber loss

– Exceptional for not losing its shape

– High resistance to solvents, chemicals and heat

– Easy, quick cleaning

– Excellent thread formation

– Better coverage, smoother surface results

– Easy, fast and enjoyable to work with

Cling On! brushes have already conquered Europe, Australia and now they are invading America unstoppably.  Painters, furniture painters, decorative artists, decorators and all crafters are enthusiastic about Cling On!

After a long process of testing and research, not based on well-dressed marketing managers, but truly based on professional feedback – Cling On! brushes were created.  Professional painters, crafters, interior decorators all tested and helped develop these brushes.  Because of their expertise and the end results brought about from their advice, these brushes truly deserve to be called professional brushes.

Own you own Cling On! brush and experience the difference!

Cling On! brushes are made from specially developed, designed and manufactured synthetic fibers.  Its main component is a high quality nylon fiber filament with durability of 5 to 9 times higher than common polyester fiber brushes and far better than animal bristle brushes.  These solid filament fiber ends are rounded, conical, elastic, and very soft producing one velvety, flawless surface.  Filament fibers will not allow these brushes to lose their shape and they are resistant to chemical materials, solvents and high temperatures.  Only if left for an extremely long time in chemicals do these brushes show a certain amount of degradation.  Preservation of form, or so-called recovery, makes these brushes even more priceless for every painting technique.  Another component of this fantastic fiber is that each bristle provides the perfect stiffness and resistance for every job and they will not lose this quality during immersion in water and then recovery.  Completely sealed with epoxy cement glue, Cling On! brushes will not lose their threads!!  Available in a mixtures of different lengths and diameters, there is a brush for every job.  

Cling On!, created in the Netherlands, made from American ingredients with special aqueous based materials, stainless steel sleeves, beech wood handles and each brush assembled by hand.  Whether it be a base coat, enamel paint, varnish, glue, wall paint or chalk paint, Cling On! glides in all materials.  So smooth a surface you will achieve that is not an exaggeration if I say you will fall in love with your brush ….  Less effort and shorter work time, easily…   Cling On! is extremely durable, lasts a very long time and even after intense work, will not lose its shape.  In fact, the more you use them, the better and better they become.  Once you use them you will fall in love with these brushes and it will be impossible to fall for any other ordinary brush.  

TIPS AND ADVICE FOR CARE of your Cling On! brushes to get the best use for the longest time!  Immerse your Cling On! brushes in water and let the brush absorb the water.   Remove and just wipe them in a clean cloth and you’re ready for work again!  It’s that easy.  You can leave you brushes in water for several days, just make sure that the filaments do not touch the bottom of the water container and after 1-2 days change the water!  

If you work outdoors, wind and sun will make your water based paints dry faster.  In this case, have a little container of clean water at hand that you can set your brush into until you are ready to use it again.  Cling On! brushes clean fast and are ready for use in a jiffy!  And the last and most important tip is: KEEP YOUR EYES on you Cling On! Brushes as they do tend to grow feet and disappear once your friends find out about them…  

Everyone wants to have and use the best brushes!  Be the proud owner of your own Cling On! Brushes.

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